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Mrs. Beulah Emmet, founder of High Mowing SchoolWe Need Your Help

Seventy years ago, Mrs. Emmet purchased 100 acres of farmland and forest from the Frye family which surrounded her family's summer home and created High Mowing School. Mrs. Emmet's vision and belief lives on in everyone who has, does and will call High Mowing School home. As a community, we have the opportunity to honor her legacy and the Frye family’s seven generations of farming. Many a student was aided by Mrs. Emmet’s generosity, and inspired by the beauty of the land she acquired and gave over to a unique vision of education that has become High Mowing School. In keeping with this philosophy of inclusion and importance of land-based education, High Mowing seeks to acquire this land and create inclusive programming and cultural opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life, and conserve and protect this part of Abbot Hill for the whole community.