Limited Edition Prints of "Perspective" by Mary Graham

Mary Graham's Perspective captures the stunning view across Frye Field and helped to catalyze our campaign to raise $1.8 million to purchase 101 acres from the Frye family, including this majestic field. Mary generously donated the painting to High Mowing School to serve as the centerpiece of a raffle benefiting the Frye Field Campaign. Ticket sales raised over $6,000 to help preserve the land that Mary lovingly depicted in her painting.

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Thank You!

Hundreds of people have donated to this campaign, but there are many others who have also supported this important effort from the beginning.

We would like to extend our eternal thanks to:

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You have made a difference!

With profound thanks to our alumni, parents, friends, neighbors, and our project partners, we gratefully announce the successful conclusion of the Frye Field Campaign!

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Meet Our Partners: The Farm and Ranchland Protection Program

The federal government is a key partner in High Mowing's effort to conserve this beautiful land atop Abbot Hill. The the Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program (FRPP), a program staffed by the National Resource Conservation Service, is providing half the funds needed to purchase the conservation easements on both the land already owned by High Mowing and the 101 acres soon to be bought from Gary and Gail Frye.

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From Farm to School

"Places are important. The very earth on which human striving takes place carries, builds and holds atmosphere of its own... A doctor once said of the Hill, "Pine and birch on granite bring health."

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Meet Our Partners: The Town of Wilton, NH

High Mowing is proud to call the Town of Wilton a partner in our effort to protect this beautiful piece of land. Home to diverse wildlife, rich soils, and vital water sources, this land is representative of the beautiful, rural qualities for which Wilton prides itself. In keeping with that respect for nature, Wilton residents decided in March to support High Mowing's effort to conserve Frye Field.

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