Thank You!

Hundreds of people have donated to this campaign, but there are many others who have also supported this important effort from the beginning.

We would like to extend our eternal thanks to:

Brad Miller, for his vision to secure this land and build a horticulture program at High Mowing;

High Mowing School Trustees (2012-'13, 2013-'14, 2014-'15), for their commitment to that vision and their support of the project;

Ian McSweeney, Executive Director of the Russell Farm and Forest Conservation Foundation, for his tireless efforts on this project and for his dedication to preserving land across southern New Hampshire;

Barbara and Gordon Russell, whose foundation, the Russell Farm and Forest Conservation Foundation, has made possible the conservation of over 8,200 acres of land in southern New Hampshire;

Yggdrasil Land Foundation, for their critical role in this project, as the future holder of our easements, and for their progressive mission;

Noa HALL '61, for initiating, with a generous heart and a last wish, the alumni matching challenge that inspired supporters from all eras of High Mowing's history;

Anne "Patches" HARRISON Husted '66, David MOTCH '60, Diana MOTCH Dwight '62, Richard NEEL '57, Jim SCHMIDT '62, Doug SCHMIDT '61, Molly SYMONS '62, and David WHITE '62, for joining Noa to offer a combined $66,000 matching challenge to their fellow alumni;

Mary Graham, President of the High Mowing Board of Trustees, for giving to this cause so much time, even more energy, and a stunning painting;

Jeri WACHTER '82, for her tireless help during the Warrant Article 13 campaign;

Wilton Lyndeboro Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club, for their support of our effort to maintain public access to this beautiful land;

Our neighbors—Mike and Serafin Anderson, David and Beverly Gage, John GRIFFITH '67, Lincoln Geiger, Andrew Kennedy, Alexis PITTMAN '77, and others—for their support at committee meetings, public hearings, and Town Meeting, and for their overall enthusiasm and energy;

Joe Broyles, of the Wilton Conservation Commission, for presenting this project to Wilton residents at Town Meeting on March 13, 2014;

The Town of Wilton and its residents, who voted YES on Warrant Article 13 to appropriate $80,000 towards the funding of the conservation easements;

Jonah TOLCHIN '11, for his work putting together a concert to benefit the Frye Field project;

Seamus CONLEY '10, Danny ROAMAN '08, Shea VACCARO '10, Helen WRIGHT '08, and Marvin Etzioni, for performing alongside Jonah at the "Voices From the Hill" benefit concert;

High Mowing Faculty, under the leadership of Kathy Boss, for taking on the challenge of establishing this legacy at High Mowing School;

and Gary and Gail Frye, and their family,  for being stewards of this beautiful land for seven generations, and for entrusting High Mowing to continue that legacy of stewardship and agriculture.

Thank you to all those who helped us get to this historic point. The High Mowing community is forever grateful.